3 Way Light Switch Wiring Diagram

By doing it yourself you can also save a lot of money and make a significant improvement to your home. A 3 way switch circuit is explained and described in detail including visual animation and practical application.

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Typical 3 way switch wiring nm cable.

3 way light switch wiring diagram. 3 way switches are used to control lights with two switches. In the following illustrations track each wire with a finger. Notice that the wire connected to the com terminals is looped straight through the intermediate switch using a cable connector.

The circuit consists of a two way switch at each end top and bottom switches in fig 2 and an intermediate switch in the middle. Here we have a 3 way switching lighting circuit sometimes called two way switching with intermediate. Most common is the single pole switch the type used to control a light fixture from a single location the next most common is the three way switch which is commonly used to control a light fixture from two different locations.

When autoplay is enabled a suggested video will. The black line wire connects to the common terminal of the first 3 way switch. The location of this common terminal may vary according to the manufacturer of the switch.

Here s how to wire a three way switch with easy tips from the family handyman. Unfortunately not all 3 way switches are wired. If not marked the common terminal may be color coded black or brass.

Now discussing 3 way light switch wiring diagram as also discussed above the color codes of the wires as having three insulated conductors as black as hot red as switch wire or called traveler and white as common wire as also shown when light is connected to both black and white wires. In wiring three way switches the power wire is connected to the common terminal usually marked com. All three switches are connected together by a three core and earth control cable.

This page shows it wired in the old cable colours if your house has the new colours you want to go here. Wall switches used to control ceiling light fixtures or other fixtures come in three types. How to wire a 3 way switch and connect two 3 way switches to an existing or new light fixture is one of those diy projects a homeowner can tackle on their own.

In the 1st diagram below a 2 wire nm cable supplies power from the panel to the first switch box. This allows a single light to be turned on or off from any of the switches. It is important to understand how these are wired before attempting to troubleshoot or replace.

These switches do not have an on off position like single pole switches. Video includes the bonus addition of adding a 4 way switch. A 3 wire nm connects the traveler terminals of the first and second 3 way switch together.

The diagrams below show the conventional wiring for 3 way switches. For example a long hallway or stairway might use a pair of three way.

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